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About Us

In the early 1980s, a very unique moisturizing and healing complex was created based on years of research that concentrated on the lifespan and aging of cells. A group of researchers decided to look into why certain species were longer-lived than others, and what caused their cells to stay healthy for such long periods. They also looked into people who kept their youthful appearances well into their years, and did extensive testing based on their findings.

Giant Turtle

The resulting complex was expensive, difficult to produce, and very rare; thus it was only available to a very small group of elite cosmeticians and dermatologists, most of which catered to the rich and famous. Many of the most famous faces of the last three decades have used this complex.

Carapex has created a full line of body care products using this complex, now called the Carapex Moisturizing Complex. Our goal is to make this amazing Complex affordable and available to everyone, and include it in an ever-growing range of quality products.

Carapex products are formulated with natural and nutritious ingredients to help balance the body and the senses. We use natural and wildcrafted herbs and essential oils from their native regions around the world. We only use the strict minimum amount of artificial ingredients necessary when no natural option exists. We believe that natural treatments are the best treatments; we strive to create products with uncompromised purity, quality, and functionality.

To minimize our impact on the environment, all Carapex products are packed in recycled and/or recyclable packaging, and we minimize our packaging wherever possible. We never test our products on animals.

Live younger, live better.

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