Best Shampoo for Itchy Scalp and Oily Hair

Shampoo itchy scalp oily hair
What to do with an itchy scalp and oily hair? ‘Wash it’ would be the simplest answer. But why do we often hear people complaining that their hair feels greasy or their scalp feels itchy immediately after washing? The answer is what you choose to...
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Oils For Your Skin Type

Oils For Skin Care
Have you ever thought about the benefits of essential oils? A few drops in your homemade face mask or combined with a blend of base oils suitable for your skin type will give you that spa feeling right at home. When you are mixing your...
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What is Dark Spot Corrector?

Who really needs a dark spot corrector?  Do I need it?  Well, unless you are in the small percentile of people that have a flawless complexion, you have probably noticed a few small imperfections here and there.  Anyone who knows dark spots knows the difficulty...
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